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The Truth about Traditional Full Service Realtors vs Flat Fee Realtors

With Flat Fee Real Estate Companies becoming more and more popular, Traditional Full Service Real Estate Companies are becoming more and more alarmed. And, with good reason. They are losing market share, so some agents, and brokers, are telling potential sellers that Traditional Full Service Realtors will get more money for their property than a Flat Fee Company would get, that Flat Fee Companies take longer to sell your property than a Traditional Full Service Realtor would, that you get limited consultation from Flat Fee Companies, that you get limited marketing of your property, that you won’t get a proper pricing for your property, or Flat Fee Company reviews are less favorable than Traditional Full Service Realtors. Although these statements may be true with most Flat Fee Companies, it certainly is NOT with Steve Canfield, of Canfield Realty Group. Below, you’ll have these questions answered. These facts and statistics come from The Greater Louisville Association of Realtors as of 10/4/2018.

  • Do Traditional Full Service Realtors sell their listings for more money than Flat Fee Companies?
    The answer is NO. In fact, through 9/30/18, my listings sold for 99.14% of list price. The comparable Realtor average was 96.57%.
  • Do Traditional Full Service Realtors sell homes faster that Flat Fee Companies?
    With Steve Canfield, the answer is NO. The average time for my listings to sell is 25 days, (through 9/30/18). The Greater Louisville Association of Realtor average is 57 days. The fact is, I sell my listings twice as fast as the average Traditional Full Service Realtor.
  • Is the average sale price of Traditional Real Estate Company higher than Flat Fee Companies?
    Absolutely not. The average sale price on my 96 sales this year (through 9/30/2018) is $311,979,17. The Greater Louisville Association of Realtors comparable average is $214,125.00.
  • Will I get more services from a Traditional Full Service Company than I would get with a Flat Fee Company?
    With most Flat Fee Companies, yes. With Steve Canfield, you’ll actually get more. Most Traditional Full Service Realtors take their own pictures. I hire a professional real estate photographer on every Full Service Listing. Also, I personally hold open houses for my sellers on a regular basis until the property is sold. Most Realtors will tell you open houses don’t work. Those are agents who don’t want to work on the weekends. I’ve sold over 500 homes holding open houses. They work.
  • Is it true that Traditional Real Estate Companies will spend more money marketing my property than a Flat Fee Company would?
    Not necessarily. All companies market their property differently. Since over 96% of all buyers find their properties on the Internet, that’s where we spend most of our marketing dollars. Your property will be on the local MLS, plus over 80 national search engines. If you look at my sales totals, and the fact that my listings sell twice as fast as the average Realtor, my marketing has proved very effective.
  • Are there limits on the amount of time that a Flat Fee Company spends answering questions, or consulting with a Seller?
    No. Although this is true with most Flat Fee Companies, this is certainly not the case with Steve Canfield. There is no limit to the amount of time I spend with my clients, whether it’s a Full Service Listing, or a Limited Service Listing. I am available by phone, text, or email, pretty much 18 hours a day. And, unlike most traditional Realtors, I’ll answer my phone.
  • How do I know my property will be priced correctly?
    Pricing your property correctly is extremely important. Most traditional Realtors will provide sellers with a CMA, or Competitive Market Analysis. We not only provide a CMA, we also provide a much more sophisticated and detailed RPR (Realtor Property Resource) which is used by few traditional Realtors, or other flat fee companies. In certain cases, we will even provide you a professional appraisal. I will give you a range of sale price for your property, but Realtors are not allowed to set the list price. The Seller sets the list price.
  • Is it true that Traditional Realtors have better Seller reviews than Flat Fee Companies?
    Not with Steve Canfield. I personally have 123 Five Star Reviews from past clients on Zillow. Virtually no other individual agent has more 5-star reviews than I do. You can read them on, or my website,
  • Why do Traditional Full Service Real Estate Companies charge more to sell a property than a Flat Fee Company.
    Money. Most Real Estate Agents are on a 60/40, or similar split, with their Broker. That means the agent gets 60% of the commission, the Broker gets the other 40%. Since I’m the Broker, I pass that Broker portion on to you, the Seller. It’s a much better deal for the Seller. At Canfield Realty Group, the client ALWAYS comes first.