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Why Use Our Flat Fee MLS Listing Service?

The most experienced flat fee broker in the Louisville area

Kentucky-based Canfield Realty Group lists and sells homes only in Jefferson, Oldham, Bullitt, Henry, Shelby, and Spencer counties. Focusing on these markets gives us tremendous advantage over out-of-state brokers that don't have a thorough understanding of the area's real estate challenges and opportunities.

We use over 80 local and national search engines, including, and to market your home. To illustrate our expertise of capitalizing on these marketing vehicles, we take pride in having more Zillow 5-star reviews than any other agent.

Whether you participate in a portion of the selling process or you select our Full Service Listing Plan, you will save thousands of dollars.

Why Use Our Flat Fee MLS Listing Service?

Our MLS Listing Package Benefits

Experienced Louisville Flat Fee Broker

When you compare our Listing Packages with our competition, the simple fact is this, you’ll get more bang for your buck using us. Our combination of Knowledge, Experience, Reputation, Marketing, Service and Price, sets us apart from the competition. But more importantly, I sell more houses than any flat fee agent in Kentucky. That’s a fact. I have over 40 years’ experience selling real estate and enjoy an impeccable reputation. I’ve sold over 4,000 properties in my career.

There’s no reason to pay anyone 6% commission to sell your home any longer. The real estate industry is changing. More and more people are using Flat Fee Realtors to sell their home and saving thousands of dollars by doing so. The fact is, over 90% of all home buyers use the Internet when searching for a home. I use over 80 Local and National Search Engines to market your home, including,, and Whether you want to participate in a portion of the selling process, or you want a full service Listing Plan, I can do either for you. Regardless of the program you choose, you’ll save thousands of dollars. Please go through our Listing Plans and compare them with our competition. I think you’ll agree, you’ll get more from us for less money. And, you’ll be dealing with the #1 selling flat fee agent in Kentucky. Read my Zillow reviews, then read my competitors reviews. I sold 98 houses last year, and over 100 so far in 2018. No other flat fee agent comes close to these numbers.

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Our 1% Commission Rebate Program

If our Listing options weren’t enough, we also offer a 1% Commission Rebate Program for Buyers who buy their next home through us. Yes, you can receive a check for 1% of your home's purchase price at your next closing. There is no maximum amount you can receive, and you can use this Commission Rebate when you buy any residential or commercial home, condo, land or investment property through us. We are offering this Commission Rebate Program because we think this is going to be the new trend in buying real estate. We plan to be at the forefront of this trend. This is just another way of putting our clients first, while saving those clients thousands of dollars at the same time.

We are Louisville, Kentucky based Realtors. We only list and sell in Jefferson, Oldham, Bullitt, Henry, Shelby, Spencer and Trimble counties. We know these markets, unlike our out of town and out of state competition. We are readily accessible and are always available to take your call to help you get your questions answered and your property bought or sold. If you have any questions about any of our Listing Programs, or our 1% Commission Rebate Program, please feel free to call us, Steve Canfield at 502.649.5687 or the Canfield Realty Group office at 502.245.4428. We can be reached 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

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