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Our Full-Service for Less MLS Listing Plan

Ready to sell your home? I'll sell your home fast, for top dollar, and save you money too!

Canfield Realty Group offers the most comprehensive MLS listing plan on the market today. No one offers more for less. In fact, I have saved Sellers over $4.2 million dollars in commissions over the last 5 years.

Under my Full Service For Less Listing Plan, if I sell your property without another agent involved, you'll only pay 2% commission, not 6%. If another agent sells your property, the commission is a total of 4%, 2.5% to the selling agent, and 1.5% to me. In fact, you'll actually get more services from my Full Service for Less MLS Listing Plan than you would get from a traditional real estate company.

My Full Service for Less Listing program includes a professional Appraisal, which no other company provides, professional photography, plus I'll personally host an Open House for each of my listed homes. In addition, you'll get the #1 selling agent in Louisville for the past 5 years, with over 500 properties sold, and over 230 5-Star reviews.

Our Open Houses have proved to be an incredibly successful marketing tool because they enable prospective buyers to gain an up-close-and-personal perspective of the house that may not come across in photographs or the detailed description online. They also create an auction like atmosphere where Buyers compete for your home. This is by far the best way to get your home sold quickly, and for a premium price. I have sold over 300 homes as a direct result from Open Houses over the last 5 years.

Check out my Full Service for Less Listing Plan. 


Full Service for Less
MLS Listing Plan

Commission If I Sell Your Home
(Without another agent involved)
2%, not 6%
No one sells your home for less commission and provides more services.
Plus, not agent sells more properties than I do. We take care of everything.
Commission If Another Agent Sells Your Home (If another agent from a different real estate company brings you an acceptable offer) 4% total, not 6% (2.5% to the Selling agent, 1.5% to me)
How can I sell your property for less than other Realty Companies? I don't have to split my commission with my Broker, because I am the Broker.
Most agents pay their Brokers anywhere from 20% to 50% of their commission.
This is how Brokers make their money, so other Brokers don't allow their agents to list homes for less than 6%.
I pass this savings onto you.
Professional Appraisal I provide a professional Appraisal on all of my listings.
I also have your home or condo professionally measured so we can make sure you can maximize your home's value.
No other company does this on all of their listings.
Professional Photography I have a professional photographer photograph all of my listings so your home looks the best it can look on the Internet.
High quality photos make a difference.
Not all agents provide a professional photographer.
Open Houses Open Houses are by far the best way to get the highest offer on your property.
I personally attend all Open Houses.
I will update you during the Open House to keep you informed of the traffic and provide you with up-to-date feedback.
In this market, I've recently had 54 groups and 63 groups of potential Buyers come through a 2-hour Open House.
This is a big reason I always get top dollar for my listings.
90% of the time, I'll sell your property on the first day, and almost always over asking price.
Customer Reviews I have over 230 5-Star Zillow and Google Customer Reviews
Where We Market Your Home We market your home on Local MLS, Zillow, Trulia,, and over 90 other National Search Engines

This is where 99% of all Buyers come from
We Guarantee Feedback from All Showings  I will constantly update you on the feedback from your showings.
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